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If you missed our webinar "Are Tiny Homes a Solution For Affordable Housing" presented on June 1st you can find two of the presentations below.

June 1, 2021 Tiny Homes Webinar June 1st_2021 Patricia Streich.pdf

Tiny Homes For Affordable Housing presented by Patricia Streich

Homes for Heroes powerpoint (draft for presentation).pdf

Tiny Home Villages: A Solution to Homelessness? presented by Kevin Beauchamp

The Poverty Challenge Kingston Newsletter

This year, the SPCK sponsored the Poverty Challenge. The Poverty Challenge is an experiential event to educate individuals on the challenges of living in urban poverty. Check out the Newsletter for the Challenge Toolkits, free online resources which will guide groups as they replicate two kinds of events.

"We hope other communities or agencies will look into this client-focused approach, and recognize the potential of wraparound programming to help individuals move forward in life, and address many of the challenges caused by their poverty." - The Poverty Challenge

TPC Newsletter.pdf
April 21, 2021 Webinar.pdf

April Webinar Slides

Check out the slides from the presentation on Affordable Housing from our chair, Patricia Streich and Steve Pomeroy.