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The Board of Directors is updated as of February 2022

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Board of Directors of the Corporation


Patricia Streich

Patricia Streich, Chair of the SPCK&D, is a housing specialist and advocate on housing issues locally. She teaches courses on housing at the Queen's School of Urban & Regional Planning. Patricia has served on several local community boards over many years.

Vice- Chair

Colby Pereira

Colby is a PhD Candidate at McGill University in the department of Sociology. Her research focuses on policing and race in Canada. She is actively involved in a number of organizations in Kingston. Her passions include policy, social justice, environmental protection, affordable housing, and improving access to social resources and basic needs.


Alice Gazeley

Alice Gazeley is a retired teacher who enjoyed students in P.E.I., N.S., PQ, and ON. Alice's family of nine children lived in a small farming village nestled closely to a fishing village in Miminegash, P.E.I. She graduated from St. Dunstan's University, P.E.I. and completed her Master's Degree at The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. During her childhood, she watched her parents live the golden rule, "Love thy neighbour as thyself". Teaching gave her an outlet to expand her understanding of their example, and since retiring she has been able to advocate for justice, with a special focus on affordable housing.

Treasurer & Financial Agent

Scott Wodall

Scott Woodall is a retired St. Lawrence College professor who has worked with several different poverty reduction groups for many years. He has a long history of working on housing and homelessness issues including working with Ryandale Shelter for the Homeless, KFLA Housing, and Kingston Community Chaplaincy.

Director at Large & Social Media Coordinator

Megan Meldrum

Megan is in her second year of studies at Queen's School of Urban and Regional Planning. She's passionate about equity in planning processes and access to safe and affordable housing.

Director at Large

Kay Langmuir

Kay Langmuir began volunteer work in affordable housing advocacy in Kingston in 2010, the same year she became a Realtor. She is a former member of the city's Housing and Homelessness Committee, and a former member of the board of directors of Interval House. She previously spent two decades working as a print journalist and editor.

Director at Large

Mary Clancy

Mary is a retired teacher after many years with the ALRCSS Board and has always been a strong advocate for Social Justice. Since retirement she has been able to commit more fully to issues in our Community in this area. For about fifteen years she coordinated Spiritual services at one of Kingston Senior Citizens Homes on a weekly basis. She has been the principal organizer for the collecting and delivering food baskets. This involves 50 families referred from Salvation Army plus others in need (60). She has organized and worked to help Habitat for Humanity organization and their workers and recently received the 50 years of service pin from the Canadian Cancer Society.

Director at Large

Steve Ottenhof

Steve is a retired elementary teacher. He is a life long Kingston resident with an ongoing interest in matters of social justice.

Director at Large

Hilary Warder

Hilary is Senior Counsel at Warder Law Professional Corporation where she practices exclusively family law, wills and estates. Hilary also has the privilege of representing children in Family Court by virtue of her appointment as an agent for the Children’s Lawyer of Ontario. It is through her work on behalf of children that Hilary became interested in social justice issues including the availability of affordable housing in our community. Hilary has lived in and practiced law in Kingston most of her career and is actively involved in local legal associations and at Queen’s Law School. Hilary is also appointed as a Dispute Resolution Officer in Family Court and is currently working on her Master of Laws focusing on shared parenting arrangements in high conflict families.

Director at Large & Social Media Coordinator Assistant

Michaella Hynes

Michaella is a second-year Master of Urban and Regional Planning student at Queen’s University specializing in environmental planning, with an additional interest in social planning. Her research focus includes urban greening, eco-gentrification, and improving equality and collaboration. Michaella is also an avid volunteer who is excited for the opportunity to expand her knowledge and help improve the delivery of social services and affordable housing in the City of Kingston.

Director at Large & IT

Holly Crawford

Holly is a second-year Master of Urban and Regional Planning student at Queen’s University and a born-and-raised Kingstonian. She is passionate about affordable housing, social justice, and mental health. She spent four years raising service dog puppies with a local non-profit organization and brings her unique range of volunteer experience to the SPCK&D board. Through her studies and volunteer work, she hopes to learn what can be done to make Kingston a more equitable city for all.

Director at Large

Jennifer Liu

An ACA (England & Wales) qualified finance professional, Jennifer has 11+ years of experience in the global hospitality real estate space working with an extensive network of advisors. Her responsibilities included hotel performance management, development tracking & reporting, and multi-million dollar transactional support for properties in key gateway cities such as London, Istanbul, and Sydney. Passionate about all things urban and ready to give back to society in a more impactful way, Jennifer relocated from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Kingston, Ontario to pursue her Masters degree in Planning at SURP, Queen's University. A keen traveller and culture aficionado, Jennifer enjoys art galleries, good conversations, and plans to take up skating soon.

Associate Director

Ellory Vincent

Ellory is completing her first year in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program at Queen's University. She joins us from her hometown of Ottawa, where she has a diverse background in working with the community. She is passionate about age-friendly planning, mixed-use communities, sustainable transportation, and newcomer access to affordable housing.

Associate Director

Genessa Bates

Genessa is enrolled in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at Queen's University specializing in health and social planning. She is passionate about the right to housing, sustainable built environments and healthy food systems. Through her work and volunteering, Genessa hopes to help create equitable and inclusive communities.

Director at Large

Mike Cabral

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