Housing Related Content

Given the current unaffordable housing crisis in Kingston, the following page is provided as a means of sharing information on housing-specific content and resources for the Kingston community. Please find content from non-profit organizations, the public and private sector, and the SPCK&D themselves provided below.

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Canada's Housing Policy - Presentation by Patricia Streich, Char of the Social Planning Council of Kingston & District (November 2023)

Canada’s Housing Policy - Nov 22 2023 Presentation_Cobourg.pdf

Kingston’s Rental Housing Market in 2022 – The Affordable Housing Challenge? Review of Rental Market Trends & Implications for Kingston’s Affordable Rental Housing (March 2022)

Overview of Rental Market_March 16 2022_Draft.pdf

The Number of Applicants on the Centralized Housing Waitlist Has Continued to Increase Since September 2020; How is The City of Kingston Addressing These Growing Housing Needs? (March 2022)


Non-Profit Perspectives on the Right to Housing People Can Afford (February 2022)

This post, written by Patricia Streich, presents views about the 'right to housing' from the Third Sector in Kingston, Ontario and is based on evidence from the Profile of Kingston's Third Sector Housing report produced by SPCK&D summer interns, Holly Crawford and Michaella Hynes, last summer 2021. Click here to read the post.

'SPCK&D Response to MMAH on Amendments to Regulations Under the Housing Service Act' (February 2022)

2022 Culminating Report - ONPHA Solutions Lab.pdf

Recent Report by Queen's University Urban and Regional Planning Student - Supportive Housing Case Studies

'SPCK&D response to MMAH on amendments to regulations under the Housing Services Act (February 2022) 

This document provides a summary of key highlights of the master's report Supportive Housing Case Studies: How supportive housing in Ontario and British Columbia is developed and operated, submitted to the School of Urban and Regional Planning of Queen's University. Click here for highlight report.

SPC Submission to the Mayor's Task Force on Housing (August 2019)

Following the Housing Action Forum, the SPC have submitted a formal response to the Mayor's Task Force on Housing. This paper outlines the SPC's housing priorities  and recommendations for Kingston. The submission is available for anyone to read and download - please see below. Additional materials can be found in our resources section.

SPC Kingston Community Housing Action Forum (May 15, 2019)

In May 2019 the Social Planning Council of Kingston & District hosted an all-day forum to discuss solutions to Kingston’s housing crisis.  With the lowest rental vacancy rates in the entire province and rents as high as those in Toronto and Ottawa, more than half of Kingston’s renters are in housing need.  

People of all backgrounds came together (housing organizations and community services, local government, builders and landlords, community advocates and faith groups, housing specialists including people who experience housing challenges).  Sharing their ideas with each other, they came up with ways the community could take action.  Their ideas are summarized in the SPC Kingston report “SPC Kingston Community Housing Action Forum – What We Heard Report” – you can read a copy of that report (see below).  Additional documents can be found in the resources section of our website.

Most of all, people wanted to keep the momentum going and stop waiting for others to solve the problem.  They proposed that the SPC Kingston take the lead and form some working groups on key initiatives.  To address this, the SPC Kingston is inviting people to join one of six working groups to create solutions.  Please read the ‘Invitation” below and take action by joining one of the special groups being formed. 

More information on these working groups can be found here.

Forum Working Groups Flyer_PS (1).pdf